The Story of Cut Nyak Dhien

Written by Busra Idris

Cut Nyak Dhien was a warrior from a country named Aceh. she was raised in a strong Islamic religion education. Since childhood she was educated to be an independent and responsible person by his father who was also a fighter named Teuku Nanta Seutia. Cut Nyak Dhien was used to cook and do other housework on her own. This made her grow into a strong and tough woman. In 1873, at the age of 25, she was married to a fighter who was also highly respected by the Dutch, named Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga.

Teuku Ibrahim Lamnga is known to always be at the forefront of fighting the Dutch. When the Dutch declared war with Aceh, Cut Nyak Dhien’s father and husband did not remain silent. They unite and inflame the spirit of the Acehnese. “Come on Acehness  people, we must not give up, let’s unite against the invaders, let’s unite againts the invaders, Allahu Akbar!”

The Dutch launched attacks everywhere. And what made Cut Nyak Dhien the most angry was when the Dutch burned Baiturrahman  mosque.

Cut Nyak Dhien said “O my people whose name Acehness, look at this! witness it with your own eyes! our mosque is burned! They are against Allah Subhanahu Wataala! Your place of worship has now been destroyed! God’s name is defiled! Keep that in your mind! are that still acheness who like to be Dutch slaves?” she was really angry.

The anger of Cut Nyak Dhien just subsided when her husband returned from battle field and reported that General Kohler was shot dead by Acehness fighters in the yard of Baiturrahman.

unfortunately,in short time, Cut Nyak Dhien had to release  the death of his father and husband in battlefield. However, the death of her father and husband did not make her enthusiasm down to fight the Dutch.

She promised to avenge the cruelty of the Dutch on his father and husband. Until finally she  met and married with another fighter named Teuku Umar. And continue the struggle.

However, the weapons owned by the Dutch are very complete, while the people of Aceh only survive by using Rencong.

Then Teuku Umar made a plan.” I will pretend to surrender and join the Netherlands,then, I’ll send you more weapons”

Unpredictable, that Teuku Umar’s tactic was successful. He was trusted by the Dutch and made him as the leader of the war. Meanwhile, Cut Nyak Dhien continued  inspired the people of Aceh. Now, they dont need to be worry ,because they got more weapons from Teuku Umar which stole from the Dutch. Until finally Teuku Umar’s disguise was discovered by the Dutch.

The Dutch were very angry.” What ? Umar was a liar?, kill them all! Bring his head to me , died or alive!”. war broke out again. Cut Nyak Dhien and Teuku Umar also fought the Dutch together, but unfortunately, Teuku Umar died in war.

Cut Nyak Dhien was so sad but unyielding, “we should not be sad for the one who died in Shaheed. We must continue their struggle. Now, we have to carry out a guerrilla war, we have to move from place to place so the Dutch can’t find us”. She said. The Dutch were annoyed by Cut Nyak Dien a lot. They really curious about her and wanted to meet her soon.

However, due to the long journey of Cut Nyak Dien, her health decreased. A guard for Cut Nyak Dien named Pang Laot felt so sorry for Cut Nyak Dien and suggested that Cut Nyak Dien surrender herself.” I’d rather die stabbed with a sword in my chest than surrender myself to the Dutch.”

 Pang Laot ignored the words of her, he  reported the location of her headquarter to the Ducth because of pity, she asked the Dutch to treat Cut Nyak Dhien respectly.

Furthermore, Cut Nyak Dien was arrested and treated, then, she was exiled to Sumedang. Even though he has been arrested and exiled he still continues to struggle to teach the Quran to the youths there.

Cut Nyak Dhien was finally Banished to Sumedang, West Java, because of Dutch fears that her presence would create a spirit of resistance. On November 1908, Cut Nyak Dhien died on her age.

So, the conclusion we can take from this story is: Cut Nyak dhien was a very persistent hero who against the invaders. Despite she had been left by her loving people on war, she never gave up and felt hopeless. The spirit of Cut Nyak Dhien should be an example for us as young people of the nation. Eventhough we don’t fight on the battlefield, we do fight with ourselves at school by studying.

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